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22 Aug

Prince Harry Bares All in Vegas

It’s usually the camera flash bulbs that blind the British royals, but over the weekend it was Prince Harry that flashed back at the camera.

It was the shirtless picture of the prince that had the world in hysterics, when he was caught partying it up in Las Vegas with Olympian, Ryan Lochte. However, it turns out Harry’s chest wasn’t the only thing that was pictured sans clothes over the weekend.

After reportedly inviting some willing girls to their hotel suite and proposing a game of strip billards, things got a little crazy, and before they knew it naked pictures of Harry and the party guests made their way to the internet and into the hands of anyone with Google.

There’s been no word on the matter from Harry himself, or Gramma, the queen, but if you’ve seen the pictures you know there is no way for Harry to deny those ginger locks are his.

Avril Lavigne Is Headed Back to the Alter

And, no, it’s not with Brody Jenner.

While they’ve kept their relationship a secret, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger, aren’t keeping their engagment quiet. The two announced yesterday, that after getting together while working on Lavigne’s most recent album, they are getting married!

Let’s hope Avril can find something to cover that matching tattoo she got with Brody, before she walks down the aisle.

Taylor Swift Breaks Records and Rumors

It has been barely a week since Taylor Swift released her first single off her upcoming fourth album, Red, and already the song, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” is breaking records.

Blowing Ke$ha’s previous record out of the water, Ms. Swift’s new anthem has sold 623,000 digital downloads in it’s first week, making it the biggest digital download for any female artist ever, and second in overall downloads, behind Flo Rida’s Right Round at 636,000. The song has also made it’s way up the Billboard Hot 100 chart too, finally settling in at the #1 spot.

It’s not only her music that has put Swift in the spotlight these past weeks, but her love life too. After introducing boyfriend, Connor Kennedy, to the world with lots of hand holding and cuddling, the tabloids didn’t know what else to do with themselves besides making up stories about wedding and house crashing. However, Swift’s reps crushed the rumors, saying the singer’s name is on no house deed across from Connor’s, and she was indeed formally invited to all Kennedy weddings she attended this weekend.

Looks like Swift is coming out on top in all aspects this week!

‘Hunger Games?:’ Finnick Oddair Will Be There!

The cast of The Hunger Games sequel is slowly but surely closing in on being complete, and the newest name added to the list is Sam Clafin. . The 26-year-old will play Finnick Oddair in the much anticipated sequel, a sneaky tribute that uses his good looks and sexuality to get ahead. The actor’s biggest film so far was opposite Kristin Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsmen, last year.

Clafin, and the rest of the cast, will begin shooting Catching Fire next month, on location in both Hawaii and Atlanta, Georgia.

Sam Claflin



17 Aug

Jennifer Aniston Engaged!

The spotlight was supposed to be on actor, Justin Theroux, at his 41st birthday party in NYC, but he had other plans.

Quickly the attention changed focus to his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, and her ring finger, that was now covered in 8 carats of engagement ring bling.

Right on the heels of her ex husband, Brad Pitt, and her arch nemesis, Angelina Jolie’s, engagement news, Aniston and Theroux officially confirmed that they too are headed to the alter. 

With family and friends already there to party for Theroux’s b-day, the actor took his now finance to a quiet area to propose, and then set her free to celebrate with loved ones.

Here’s to hoping everyone involved is on the road to a happy marriage!

Rihanna Defends Chris Brown…and His Attack On Her!

There has been many eyebrows raised at the actions of Rihanna, crazy partying, questionable love interests, and her continued relationship with Chris Brown, after he physically attacked her in 2009.

Now, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna explains why she stood up for her “best friend” even after he caused her so much pain.

I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help,” she said. “And like who’s gonna help him? Nobody’s gonna say he needs help.”

While, it was her that was nursing her wounds, literally, Rihanna says it was Brown that she was most concerned about. “Everybody’s gonna say he’s a monster without looking at the source,” said the singer. “And I was more concerned about him.”

The tearful interview between Oprah and Rihanna airs August 19, at 9 on OWN.

Drake and Chris Brown Get Sued

It’s been months since Drake and Chris Brown started the brawl between them and their respective entourages, but time has not healed all “emotional” wounds.

Greenhouse, the company that owns the name, not the club, is suing the rappers for $16 million in damages, including  “gross negligence,” “ultra-hazardous activity” and “intentional illegal acts,” for things like throwing glass at one another, and creating make shift knives from broken alcohol bottles. 

Even if Greenhouse wins the suit, they may not see a penny of the pay-off because, Tony Parker, who was at the club that night and was cut by a piece of flying glass, is suing the club for $20 million.

Joe Jonas is ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ With Taylor Swift…But It’s Not Her Song That Did It

Her fourth album, “Red,” and new world tour, are set to release this October,  but Fall was too far away for Taylor Swift to wait to give the world another one of her breakup anthems.

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is the country gals latest #1 single, and because we all know Swift is not one for hiding her feelings, or name’s of the ex’s she bashes, fans are on a mission to find out which famous ex the song is about.

Joe Jonas, who dated the singer in 2008, is no stranger to the Swift’s lyrical revenge but he’s confident that he’s in the clear on Swift’s latest album, and even offered his ex a compliment on her musical props.

“I can say it’s not about me, because I don’t think we’ve ever tried another time. I can tell you it’s not about me. I think we’re cool. It’s pretty years removed. That said, I think the song is great. Taylor does pop music really well and I’m happy for her,” he said in a radio interview.

Alright, so now that we know the JoBro is out, who’s left? Gyllenhaal? Lautner? Mayer?

Look’s like we’ll have to wait for the “Red” lyric book to find out!

‘Glee’s’ Season 4 Gets a Face Lift…Literally

Season 4 of “Glee” is the epitome of new. New faces, new city, new stories, new songs.

In preparation for the new season this September, Fox has released the first promo for the new season, where we see new characters, like Kate Hudson, and by the absence of some of our favorite characters, like Puck, Quinn and Mercedes, we are reminded, once again, that the New Directions are indeed headed in a new direction.

Take a look below at the clip. Can you tell me what the biggest thing missing is? One word: ME!


8 Aug

Natalie Portman’s Surprise Wedding

Since she has been staying out of the spotlight since her Oscar winning role in Black Swan, and birth of her son, Aleph, it was a perfect time for Natalie Portman to wed her baby daddy, Benjamin Millepied, in a quiet Jewish ceremony last Saturday. 

Joined by family and friends, including Ivanka Trump and Macaulay Culkin, the actress and choreographer tied the night under the stars in Big Sur, California.

The pair have been dating since they worked together in Black Swan, and felt that now was the perfect time to make their family, with their 14-month-old son, official.

Take a look, below, at Portman’s modest wedding gown:

Penelope Kardashian Disick Makes Her Debut

It’s been exactly one month since the latest Kardashian has come into existence, and although her big brother and dad, Scott, have been spotted out around LA, little Penelope has yet to make her debut, until now!

In true Kardashian fashion, little P. is making her first public appearance on a national magazine cover, alongside big bro Mason and mom, Kourtney.

Inside the mag, Kourtney talks about double diaper duty, her over-sized, family affair delivery, and Scott’s new mantra as a dad.

Take a look below at the first pic of Penelope Scotland Disick:

Kristin Cavallari Welcomes a Son

It’s been a weird last couple of years for former Hills star, Kristin Cavallari, and footballer player, Jay Cutler. After breaking off their first engagement, and then calling it back on shortly after Kristin was spotted with a baby bump, many spectators questioned the reason behind ring #2.

However, Cutler cleared up the drama tweeting,”we don’t usually comment on our relationship but for the record I never broke up with Kristin. It’s unfortunate some people are saying hurtful things during such a joyous moment in our life.”

And now is the most joyous time, as the couple welcomed son, Camden Jack Cutler, this morning, weighing in at 7 lbs. 9 oz. according the Cavallari’s official twitter announcement.

Here’s to hoping the new baby boy doesn’t turn out to be anything like his mom’s reality ex’s.

Ryan Lochte’s Post-Olympics Hollywood Plan

It was just a matter of time before reality TV got a hold of the Ryan Lochte obsession. Without even letting the gold medalist touch back in the United States, a slew of networks are already courting the swimmer to take on a reality gig.

His agent confirmed, “I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed.”

Will the phenomenon-like effects of the grill-wearing, ab-tastic athlete wear off after London’s closing ceremonies, or will they linger long enough to support a couple decently rated seasons of a reality show?