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Fast Facts Friday

26 Oct

It’s Friday, which means everyone should be at about 50% of their Monday work ethic. With such little brain power working at this end-of-the-week push, you probably don’t have the time or energy to research or read lengthy articles about your fav celebs.

So, for all you sloth-like, entry-level workers, like myself, or burnt out students counting down the hours until the Friday night festivites, I have aggregated all the biggest celeb breaking news into five, short, down and dirty, fast facts.  Further research is optional! 🙂

Enjoy! See you Monday!

Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy are “Never Ever” staying together: Although it’s being reported that Taylor is still purchasing that Hyannis Port mansion down the street from Connor, it was distance that parted the pair. “US Weekly” magazine is reporting that Taylor and Connor amicably ended their relationship because of the long distance. While many are raising eyebrows at the breakup, which came at a “conicidental” good time, Taylor is currently promoting her new album “Red,” the magazine reports that the relationship ended, “awhile ago.”

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel official hitched: Dressed in a pink Giambattista Valli gown, the actress and actor/singer extraordinary tied the night in Italy last Friday. The 100 guests, which included Justin’s former N’Sync band mates and Jessica’s “7th Heaven” co-stars, enjoyed an intimate acoustic performance by the former boy band-er, who played a song he wrote specifically for his new bride.

Kim and Kanye are NOT engaged…YET: Mom-ager, Kris Jenner, played damage control on behalf of her daughter, Kim, yesterday, shooting down rumors that the pink diamond ring on her pinky finger is NOT an engagement ring. While it may not have happened yet, Kris told ENews that Kanye did buy something for Kim on their Italian birthday trip. However, after that she remained mum, saying, “if I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Rep Jumps Ship: For Lindsay Lohan’s publicists the open waters were safer than staying in the Lilo boat. Scandal after scandal and arrest after arrest became too much for Steve Honig, who has played damage control for the actress after every DUI, car accident, and domestic abuse charge the past few years. While we all know why he left, Honig is staying broad on the official reason, telling E!Online, “”I’m not discussing this out of respect for my client.” She’s your former client now, Steve…dish the deets!

Farrah Abrahams Goes Under the Knife: “Teen Mom” star, Farrah Abrahams may have finished her time in front of the cameras, but that didn’t stop the  21-year-old mom from making sure she is camera ready at all times. After documenting her breast augmentation on the last season of the MTV show, Farrah took to print to show off her new nose and chin. The $16,000 surgeries were featured on the cover of this week’s “In Touch” magazine and quoted Farrah saying, “”I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous!” As for the money she spent on the surgery, “It was worth it,” she said. Hope she wrote a nice Thank You card to MTV for making that happen!


“Where in the World” Wednesday

24 Oct

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.”

Just as much as I love to write, I love to travel. They’re one in the same really. Well,  you don’t have to physically get on a plane or drive in a car to write, but in a sense you do. In order to write you have to go places. You have to let your mind travel to unreal, impossible, ficitional, emotional, larger-then-life places. Staying in one place, one mindset or one life is like writing one page of a book, a book with no story, no love, no fighting, no problem-solving, no cultural shock, no knowledge, and no ending.

So, to give everyone a little inspiration to travel, whether it be physically or mentally, I decided to create, “Where in the World” Wednesday. Each photo that I have or have taken is from either another country, city, state, street, or office; anywhere but here.

Use these pictures and places as a metaphor for all of life’s “travel” experiences. Encourage yourself to step out of the box,  to see the beauty the world has to offer, and ask yourself, “where in the world do I want to go.”

First Falls of the Winter – Eastern Sierras, California

If you have pictures you want to be featured as a “Where in the World” Wednesday, please send them along!

TV Tuesday

23 Oct

The past few weeks have been ones of start-ups and shut-downs for many of my favorite TV shows. The presidential debate has interrupted my favorite night of TV, Tuesday, twice now, but I won’t let that stop me from raving and ranting about what has been out.

First out of the cage is…

The Housewives of New Jersey:

-The reunion special was broken down into not one, not two, but three parts! And, boy, there was enough drama for twelve more nights. As usual Kathy, and her newly introduced eyes and lips, sat quietly in the corner and only interjected during inappropriate times. Mostly the fighting was between Jacqueline and Teresa, and was about cheating husbands, bad parenting, and stripper rumors. Did some say strippers? Cue, Melissa and Joe. Joe Gorga defended his “bartender” wife against Teresa and Joe Guidice, who gave a 1/3 assed apology about calling Theresa a c**** and making gay jokes to Greg. Really, the whole thing was just sad. Theresa sat next to and defended her cheating, emotionally abusive husband, while a family and a friendship deteriorated right before our eyes. So, now that Melissa has moved herself and her children away from Teresa’s home, Caroline detached herself from the drama, Jacqueline is concentrating on her newly-diagnosed autistic son, and Kathy still has nothing to say, will RHONJ continue?

The Housewives of New York:

The two part reunion special really only needed to be half an hour, if that. Aviva talked about her fake leg AGAIN, Sonja cried about her dead dog, and LuAnn tried to dig herself out of a cheating hole. Wait, who were those other two women on the couch? Carole? Heather? Oh…do they speak?

The true, juicy drama happened after on “Watch What Happens Live,” when ex-housewife, Jill Zarin, sat down for a one-on-one with Andy Cohen and called him and Bravo out for firing her, and taking Bethenny’s side during their friendship ending fight. It was raw, honest, uncut, and light-years more interesting then the reunion.

Grey’s Anatomy:

There’s been bombings, cancer victims, ferry crashes, plane crashes, mass shootings, bus accidents, and hostage situations. When will Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital just implode already? Well, I guess it wouldn’t really matter because even the Apocalypse couldn’t stop Shonda Rhimes from creating more threesome, sexual tension, bad cop drama. Lexi and Mark, my two favorite characters were killed off a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been forced to accept whiny Arizona, bitchy Cristina, needy Meredith, and cry-baby Callie, as the main characters on one of my favorite shows. Why do I still watch you ask? Maybe it’s the same reason why dinosaurs can’t even take down these doctors.


Starting season two as the arguably best show on television, “Revenge,” or Emily Thorne I should say, is taking no prisoners. As I called it months ago, Emily’s plan to take down anyone who crosses her path, indirectly put Amanda Clarke into a coma. Victoria, Conrad, Daniel, and Charlotte are in a tangled web of fake smiles and backstabbing as Victoria reclaimed her throne as head witch at the dinner table. Meanwhile, Emily’s mom is back (with a stun gun), and Nolan found a new lady love. But have no fear, his new boo is up to no good, throwing out the death eyes narrated by the classic “Revenge” dramatic score. I’ve been taken over by the Hamptons drama, and am willing to ride the black wave anywhere it takes me.

Pretty Little Liars:

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HALLOWEEN EPISODE IS BACK TONIGHT. After the season finale’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching, take-your-breath-away-episode, nothing is off limits tonight as Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer ride the Halloween “A” Train to Hell!

Music Monday

22 Oct

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is finding something to say. As someone who throughly enjoys writing, everything that catches my eye is inspirtation. Photos, music, foliage, children, tears, laughs, over heard conversations, all are experiences that generate ideas, stories, narratives, poems, and words. With all these muses, why is it that sometimes when writers sit down in front of a computer, or pick up a pen, nothing happens? The images of their stories coming to life play through their heads, but the nouns and verbs get stuck on the way out.

The answer is one I don’t have, and the question will most likely be an obstacle my entire life as a writer.

There will always be obstacles in life, but have no fear, because with obstacles comes solutions.

So, with a little creative thinking and some recycled ideas I thought of a way to solve any future writer’s block. Themed days will now be the focus of this blog, and today I present you with the first: MUSIC MONDAY!


It’s album release day for Taylor Swift, and in honor of this momentous occasion, here is the third single off her new album, “Red,” entitled, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Pitch Perfect Hits a High Note

13 Oct

With a perfect combination of humor, promiscuity, magnificent musical mash-ups, and a cheesy Romeo and Juliette love story, “Pitch Perfect” makes my personal top five box office favorites. 

Anna Kendrick plays a dark and disturbed co-ed DJ just trying to find her place in the world. Way too cool for school, she begs her professor dad to give her a get out of a jail free card to ditch the books and make it big, spinning beats in the City of Angels.

However, forced to break out of her shell, literally, in a hilarious shower duet with co-star, Brittany Snow, Anna’s character, Becca, joins an all-girl acapella group, and falls in love with more than just college.

The rest of the cast is awkward and no-namers, but their average looks and rawness makes them relatable and loveable.  While the concept itself is a mix between a “Bring it On-” like national champion showdown, and a misfits united “Glee” story-line, the unbelievable one-liners delivered by self-proclaimed “Fat Amy,” played by the hilarious Rebel Wilson, and the star quality musical mash-ups, throwbacks, and down and dirty street sing-offs, makes this a must see, stand out on it’s own movie.

A Different Route

10 Oct

Holy October 10! It’s been a while since I have had the time to make an entry, and trust me I have felt the stifling creative effects. It’s been a busy beginning to the Fall season, but a groove has begun and now it’s time to get back to business.

While this coming blog entry was in the brainstorming stages in my head I realized that it may give off a negative vibe. However, this was not my intention at all. Instead it is supposed to be a therapeutic, slightly humorous way for me to fill you in on my current thought process and perhaps give the “twenty-something” readers a chuckle as they nod their head in relatability.

Sooooo…..It has been one week since I turned 22, and 21 weeks since I graduated college. Yesterday, I drove my seventeen-year-old stepbrother and his friends to a high school soccer game. After they got out of the car and successfully made their way through the bag check and ticket counter, I should have driven out of the parking lot and away to my next exciting destination, the gym. Instead, however, I paused, put my foot on the brake, and watched as 100 high school kids, decked out in green and white school spirited gear, raced out of their parent’s cars and into the rain soaked bleachers under the lights. Most likely they didn’t personally know any players on the field, nor did they have idea what was going on in the game, but that wasn’t the purpose of this Tuesday night adventure. The purpose was to unnecessarily straighten your hair, or over spray yourself with Axe, meet up with your friends and perspective hookups, and compete with the other awkward teenagers for who looks cooler, or who can get the most new Facebook friends by the end of the night.

Soon, my satisfactory smile, stemming from never having to relive those high school days, turned to a confused frown as I looked in the rear view mirror at myself and questioned, “What I was doing in my life that was so much better than the sweatpants and UGG boot wearing teenagers that stood in front of me?”

The answer is hard to solve, since I honestly have no idea what, where, or how my life is going. See, the thing is no one gives you advice about your twenties, the lost years.

Five through 12: Don’t talk back, share, and be nice.

Thirteen through 16: Don’t wear too much makeup, finding a ride to the movies every Saturday night will be the death of you, and enjoy wearing bikinis at a pool party now because in a couple of years you’ll want to die before stripping down at a BBQ bash.

Seventeen through Twenty: Find a place to sleep BEFORE the epic beer bong tournament begins, the local Wendy’s parking lot is not all it’s cracked up to be, and don’t choose a college based on the dorm bathrooms.

And that’s where it ends. The lifelong, life-cycle advice ceases around age 20. You graduate from college, get a couple checks in the mail from an aunt or an uncle, and then you’re on your own. This is where I am now, stuck in a rut at 22. Possibly someone reading who has broken through the early twenties curse can shed some light on the apparently tabooed age. Here is what I have been plagued by:

  1. When your bedroom begins to feel like a prison cell: There is  something about having only one room in the house that “belongs” to me that doesn’t sit right. Attempting to redeem myself from sounding like a spoiled brat, I understand that since I don’t pay the mortgage or the utilitie bills, I don’t deserve to call my entire parent’s house “mine.” However, the time has come when I feel as if I have grown out of the days when the  stash of shoes that has accumulated by the front door for the past week, ends up on my bed with not so friendly note that in lamens terms says, “Clean up your shit.” Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like, at 22, if I want to  use space in front of the front door as a shoe display, then I should be able to. If I’m too lazy to empty the dishwasher then it should stay full,  if I want to get a puppy then I should be driving to Petco as we speak. Still it’s not my house, and I know I have no merit to complain, which brings me to my next point.
  2. When is the “right” time to move out:  Sometimes I feel like the time is now: while I’m eating my “mom purchased’ groceries, feeling a little too reminiscent of her asking me what type of brown paper packed lunch I wanted for the week. Or when I overhear my parents on the phone with the heating company  complaining about the oil bill being too high, I feel guilty about the 30 minute hot shower I took after the gym. OK, so what stops me from putting my big girl pants on and getting my own place? Well let’s see: money anxiety, independence angst, roommate worries, the list goes on and on. So when is the right time to get the Uhaul and haul out? The world may never know.
  3. What do I want to look like?: Let’s call it the morning blues. Waking up each morning, opening your closet, and finding what? 8 a.m. Spanish class sweatpants, junior year jeans with ripped belt loops, a pilled blazer, and a stack of countless T-shirts with college names and restaurant  logos that you have neither visited nor ever heard of. In high school the goal was to look like you didn’t care what you looked like, when in reality it took an hour to straighten every frizzy hair on your head.  In college the goal was to look like you didn’t care what you looked like…and really not care. In your twenties your appearance is in limbo. Do I want to transform myself into the Boho Pinterest model with the beach waves and bracelets up to her elbow, or the casual  city girl strutting effortless in the white T and black flats? What are      supposed to look like when you’re 22? Business casual? Trendy hipster?  Laid back co-ed? Who am I to say, I can’t even pick out an appropriate  haircut.
  4. When will I know what I want to be when I grow up? Recently, my career aspirations have been changing faster than I can turn the channels on TV. “Teen Mom” has me wanting to be a social worker, “One Tree Hill” reruns have me convinced that I should be in the music industry, and during those mornings that “The Hills” is playing on Retro MTV my life goal is to be a fashion editor. I keep hearing the expression, “the world is your oyster,” but what if I don’t want the whole oyster? All I need is a small grain of that perfect sand.

Time will tell how 22 will turn into 23, and then into 30, and beyond. Until then…..