“Where in the World” Wednesday?

16 Jan

eiffel tower
eiffel towerme

While looking for a photo to feature in today’s post I went into my Pinterest “Travel” board, like I do many weeks. The perfect picture wasn’t popping out at me like it normally does, and I was ready to exit out and try again later, perhaps then I would feel more inspired. However, seconds before clicking the “X” one picture caught my attention. Down at the very bottom of the page was a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Not very exciting to most. Pretty? Yes, certainly, but nothing original. It was the caption, however, that made smile. “So soon,” I had written below the vintage edited photo. I must’ve written it weeks, even days, before I embarked on the best ten days of my life, a true trip of a lifetime. When I pinned this picture my adrenline was pumping and my curiousity was through the roof. The amazing part about today’s post, is even though my trip was over months ago, the original picture still excites me. I’m no longer curious as to what Paris looks like at night (I know now that it is stunning: full of noise, music, wine, and literally sparkling). My adrenaline no longer pumps in fear of the long plane ride or language barrier. Today I smile, because just a few months ago, this rountine photo of the famous structure was a dream, an envy, and now it is my reality. I stood in front of that tower. There, I sat on a picnic blanket with my oldest friend, and two newest, and sipped cheap wine and ate expensive meat and cheese. I listened to the music of the street performers, I laughed until I cried, and I stared in amazement as the lights on the tower twinkled like nothing I have ever seen before. Proving that dreams really do come true, my fantasy turned into a memory, one that will be with me forever.


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