Music Monday (On Thursday)

24 Jan

Day 2 back from Nashville and already my ears ache for more of its authentic, passionate music. The nickname “Music City” is a far understatement for the southern town. Everywhere you turn, from the local bars to the newspaper, music is being played or talked about.

I sat and watched in amazement as every artist I heard play sounded so soulful and amazing, yet they weren’t on the radio… and Justin Bieber is. The enjoyment that these artists got out of playing music (audio tune free), whether it was for a packed house at the Ryman Auditorium or for the 10 people in the lunch crowd, was infectious.

I can tell you about the music from now until forever, but to really understand the realm of which I’m talking about you must listen.

Carolina Story is a married couple, touring the world with a guitar, a tambourine, and a harmonic. I was lucky enough to hear them live at Nashville’s famous Blue Bird Café, and I’m delighted to bring them back with me to Connecticut for you all to hear….


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