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Out of the Office Until June 18

8 Jun

Well, the time has come. In a few short hours I will be boarding a plane to EUROPE!!!  Throughout the next ten days I will be traveling to London, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Paris, which means…..I won’t be able to update posts on celebrity gossip or TV recaps.

Please stay tuned for updates on my European adventure (if I can get to a computer), and then when I return, all the Hollywood happening updates you can imagine 🙂

So, I’m off!!!

….until next week!


About Me with Resume

7 May

My name is Lisa Manente and I graduated from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies, in May 2012.

I have a passion for writing and have had the pleasure of writing and editing for the Arts and Entertainment section for both the newspaper and magazine publications at my university.  My responsibilities as editor for both publications include, coming up with topics, communicating with staff reporters, editing and writing articles, and creating layout.

I also have experience with online blogging, and have knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

My biggest passions are celebrity and entertainment news, music, and pop culture. My ideal career would be in the entertainment industry, researching, interviewing, writing and reporting.

I am a motivated, outgoing person and I pride myself on my strong work ethic, open mindedness, and willingness to learn. I believe my personality and passion makes me a great candidate for working in the industry.

I chose to write this blog for many reasons. The first reason is because, simply, I love to write, especially about pop culture. Even without this blog I would be researching pop culture news, so I decided a blog would be a great way to combine both interests.

Secondly, my friends and family frequently use me as a source for pop culture news updates. Many times they look to me for answers about who’s dating who, which movie is out, what happened on last night’s episode, etc. This blog is a way for them to get quick daily updates on what I know, without them having to call me and ask.

Lastly, I created this blog as a way for future employers to see my style of writing. As you will see, I enjoy writing creatively, and informally yet professionally. I like to write in a conversational way with my readers so that they feel a personal connection and enjoy reading what I enjoy writing.

Below is my resume that will provide you with further accomplishments and qualifications.

Resume: Lisa Manente

Hello world!

7 May

   Welcome to my blog!

   Here you can get all the info on daily celebrity and entertainment happenings, my favorite internet finds of the day, and updates on what I’m doing in my life on my journey to find fun, culture, and the perfect career.

   Take a look around at what I’ve already done (“Resume,” “Writing Samples,” and “Senior Project”), and what I’m doing and finding (“Look What I Found,” “The Dirt,” and “Reflections”).

   For any additional information, career opportunities, or if you have an interesting photo, story, or life lesson please pass it along, as I want this blog to represent diversity, culture and fun from all different walks of life.