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Pitch Perfect Hits a High Note

13 Oct

With a perfect combination of humor, promiscuity, magnificent musical mash-ups, and a cheesy Romeo and Juliette love story, “Pitch Perfect” makes my personal top five box office favorites. 

Anna Kendrick plays a dark and disturbed co-ed DJ just trying to find her place in the world. Way too cool for school, she begs her professor dad to give her a get out of a jail free card to ditch the books and make it big, spinning beats in the City of Angels.

However, forced to break out of her shell, literally, in a hilarious shower duet with co-star, Brittany Snow, Anna’s character, Becca, joins an all-girl acapella group, and falls in love with more than just college.

The rest of the cast is awkward and no-namers, but their average looks and rawness makes them relatable and loveable.  While the concept itself is a mix between a “Bring it On-” like national champion showdown, and a misfits united “Glee” story-line, the unbelievable one-liners delivered by self-proclaimed “Fat Amy,” played by the hilarious Rebel Wilson, and the star quality musical mash-ups, throwbacks, and down and dirty street sing-offs, makes this a must see, stand out on it’s own movie.


A Different Route

10 Oct

Holy October 10! It’s been a while since I have had the time to make an entry, and trust me I have felt the stifling creative effects. It’s been a busy beginning to the Fall season, but a groove has begun and now it’s time to get back to business.

While this coming blog entry was in the brainstorming stages in my head I realized that it may give off a negative vibe. However, this was not my intention at all. Instead it is supposed to be a therapeutic, slightly humorous way for me to fill you in on my current thought process and perhaps give the “twenty-something” readers a chuckle as they nod their head in relatability.

Sooooo…..It has been one week since I turned 22, and 21 weeks since I graduated college. Yesterday, I drove my seventeen-year-old stepbrother and his friends to a high school soccer game. After they got out of the car and successfully made their way through the bag check and ticket counter, I should have driven out of the parking lot and away to my next exciting destination, the gym. Instead, however, I paused, put my foot on the brake, and watched as 100 high school kids, decked out in green and white school spirited gear, raced out of their parent’s cars and into the rain soaked bleachers under the lights. Most likely they didn’t personally know any players on the field, nor did they have idea what was going on in the game, but that wasn’t the purpose of this Tuesday night adventure. The purpose was to unnecessarily straighten your hair, or over spray yourself with Axe, meet up with your friends and perspective hookups, and compete with the other awkward teenagers for who looks cooler, or who can get the most new Facebook friends by the end of the night.

Soon, my satisfactory smile, stemming from never having to relive those high school days, turned to a confused frown as I looked in the rear view mirror at myself and questioned, “What I was doing in my life that was so much better than the sweatpants and UGG boot wearing teenagers that stood in front of me?”

The answer is hard to solve, since I honestly have no idea what, where, or how my life is going. See, the thing is no one gives you advice about your twenties, the lost years.

Five through 12: Don’t talk back, share, and be nice.

Thirteen through 16: Don’t wear too much makeup, finding a ride to the movies every Saturday night will be the death of you, and enjoy wearing bikinis at a pool party now because in a couple of years you’ll want to die before stripping down at a BBQ bash.

Seventeen through Twenty: Find a place to sleep BEFORE the epic beer bong tournament begins, the local Wendy’s parking lot is not all it’s cracked up to be, and don’t choose a college based on the dorm bathrooms.

And that’s where it ends. The lifelong, life-cycle advice ceases around age 20. You graduate from college, get a couple checks in the mail from an aunt or an uncle, and then you’re on your own. This is where I am now, stuck in a rut at 22. Possibly someone reading who has broken through the early twenties curse can shed some light on the apparently tabooed age. Here is what I have been plagued by:

  1. When your bedroom begins to feel like a prison cell: There is  something about having only one room in the house that “belongs” to me that doesn’t sit right. Attempting to redeem myself from sounding like a spoiled brat, I understand that since I don’t pay the mortgage or the utilitie bills, I don’t deserve to call my entire parent’s house “mine.” However, the time has come when I feel as if I have grown out of the days when the  stash of shoes that has accumulated by the front door for the past week, ends up on my bed with not so friendly note that in lamens terms says, “Clean up your shit.” Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like, at 22, if I want to  use space in front of the front door as a shoe display, then I should be able to. If I’m too lazy to empty the dishwasher then it should stay full,  if I want to get a puppy then I should be driving to Petco as we speak. Still it’s not my house, and I know I have no merit to complain, which brings me to my next point.
  2. When is the “right” time to move out:  Sometimes I feel like the time is now: while I’m eating my “mom purchased’ groceries, feeling a little too reminiscent of her asking me what type of brown paper packed lunch I wanted for the week. Or when I overhear my parents on the phone with the heating company  complaining about the oil bill being too high, I feel guilty about the 30 minute hot shower I took after the gym. OK, so what stops me from putting my big girl pants on and getting my own place? Well let’s see: money anxiety, independence angst, roommate worries, the list goes on and on. So when is the right time to get the Uhaul and haul out? The world may never know.
  3. What do I want to look like?: Let’s call it the morning blues. Waking up each morning, opening your closet, and finding what? 8 a.m. Spanish class sweatpants, junior year jeans with ripped belt loops, a pilled blazer, and a stack of countless T-shirts with college names and restaurant  logos that you have neither visited nor ever heard of. In high school the goal was to look like you didn’t care what you looked like, when in reality it took an hour to straighten every frizzy hair on your head.  In college the goal was to look like you didn’t care what you looked like…and really not care. In your twenties your appearance is in limbo. Do I want to transform myself into the Boho Pinterest model with the beach waves and bracelets up to her elbow, or the casual  city girl strutting effortless in the white T and black flats? What are      supposed to look like when you’re 22? Business casual? Trendy hipster?  Laid back co-ed? Who am I to say, I can’t even pick out an appropriate  haircut.
  4. When will I know what I want to be when I grow up? Recently, my career aspirations have been changing faster than I can turn the channels on TV. “Teen Mom” has me wanting to be a social worker, “One Tree Hill” reruns have me convinced that I should be in the music industry, and during those mornings that “The Hills” is playing on Retro MTV my life goal is to be a fashion editor. I keep hearing the expression, “the world is your oyster,” but what if I don’t want the whole oyster? All I need is a small grain of that perfect sand.

Time will tell how 22 will turn into 23, and then into 30, and beyond. Until then…..

The Trip of a Lifetime

20 Jun

Hello America, Goodbye Europe.

I can’t say I’m happy to be home, but I can say that these past 10 days of been the best 10 days of my life. Traveling Europe with your best friend, meeting amazing people and seeing breathtaking sites along the way is an experience that will be hard to top.

For anyone who doesn’t know, we started out our journey in London. We arrived in the afternoon and spent our evening on a river cruise of the Thames River, taking in the sites, including Parliament, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, etc. Our next day in London we mastered the Tube, did a little shopping, experienced some English cuisine (lattes and pub food), scoped out everything Harry Potter related,  and met two cuties who were off duty queen’s guard. After chatting with them and being mesmerized by their accents we parted ways and went on about our day. Don’t worry though we got all their information so next time we go to London we’ll be partying it up with the locals!

Next we hit Brussels, Belgium where we gorged ourselves with chocolate covered Belgian waffles, and later some friends from Amsterdam took us out for a drink. Let’s just say, thank goodness the police there had a sense of humor. Oops!

Germany was our next stop, where we took a river cruise and saw possibly one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen, Rothenburg. The colored houses, cobble stone, castle backdrop, and wrought iron signs were truly picturesque. Known as a real life fairytale, it’s no wonder the place inspired the movie Pinocchio.

  After Germany we made our way to Austria where, after multiple attempts on both our parts to find out about each other, we met Andra and Brandon, two amazing people from Washington who I am so happy we got to spend the rest of our time in Europe with! Note to self: instead of just wondering what someone is like, go up to them and talk! You’ll find that great friends could be made with a simple “hello!”

It was on to Venice after our quick night in Austria where we toured the island, got lost, and ran into “glassblower.” Giving a new name to awkward eye contact, glassblower (since we don’t know his real name) could have been my new Italian husband if we just had enough time to stop and talk!

Verona was next where our green gum joined the community of thousands of other chewed pieces stuck to the walls under Juliette’s balcony. After a few picture ops in the market we made our way into Switzerland, my favorite place of all!

The first day in Switzerland we were treated to some time in Lugana, the most beautiful place on earth. While paddle boating on a crystal clear lake, we looked up and saw palm trees and designer shops on one side of us and lush green mountains complimented by the freaking Swiss alps, on the other. The scene is one that I will never forget, and truly was a “pinch me” moment. After Lugano we went to Lucerne, Switzerland, a place I WILL live one day.

The quaint town is surrounded by the Alps and a crystal blue lake, occupied by swans and boaters, enjoying life to the fullest. There is something to be said about the lifestyle in Switzerland, calm, relaxed, polite, and just plain out fun. I guess not being involved in any wars for 500 years does a country good.

After some shopping and a great visit by friends, we went to a Swiss folk show and ate fondue while watching people from all over the world chug beers, dance, chant, sing, and enjoy life like it should be enjoyed.

It turns out our friendly dinner wait staff was our perfect in to the night life of Switzerland and for the first time in my life I was the one who stayed out the longest. We hit three bars: a ritzy lounge, a black bear esque club (except with 5 floors and far less sketchy men), and an Irish pub, where we met more locals who tried to woo us with free drinks, American accents, and compliments.

After 2 hours of a sleep, and a not so pleasant hangover, Paris was our next destination, but not before a stop in Dijon, where the five year-olds were better dressed than us, and we hit a new record for longest time to get a check: 1 hour and 20 minutes! HILARIOUS!

Our next and final stop was Paris. By the time we made it there we were all a little tired of sight seeing so instead we decided to experience Paris a little differently. After hunting down a bakery, wine store, and meat shop, we had a bag full of goodies and a the perfect destination for the most amazing picnic ever: under the Eiffel Tower!

We spent about 8 hours under that tower, in a bed of flowers no less, preparing ourselves for when someone was going to wake us up from this dream. By the time the night was over our stomachs were full of “out of the bushes” wine, the camera was full of pictures, and our cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

The weather the morning we left was perfect for the circumstances: a rainy, cold day was appropriate for our feelings about leaving our new friends and this amazing trip that we waited so long to take.

Now back home in America, back to work, and back to the stresses of life, I know for sure that traveling the world, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is what I should be doing. There is no other greater experience then being young and carefree and getting out to see what the rest of the world acts like, talks like, dresses like, looks like, smells like and tastes like.

The memories I have from this trip are ones that I will never forget. I don’t even need the pictures to remember the beautiful places I have seen, the amazing foods I tasted, the hilarious people I met or the interesting new things that I have learned. There are all in my heart forever, and I can only hope that I will be able to add to them as life goes on.

Out of the Office Until June 18

8 Jun

Well, the time has come. In a few short hours I will be boarding a plane to EUROPE!!!  Throughout the next ten days I will be traveling to London, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Paris, which means…..I won’t be able to update posts on celebrity gossip or TV recaps.

Please stay tuned for updates on my European adventure (if I can get to a computer), and then when I return, all the Hollywood happening updates you can imagine 🙂

So, I’m off!!!

….until next week!


15 May

I had to post this picture of my two favorite actresses/singers, Lea Michele and Demi Lovato. Lea posted the Twitpic of her and Demi taken at the Fox Up Fronts. Lea was there promoting Glee and Demi as the new judge on X-factor. I think both of these ladies and beautiful, inspirational, and just purely talented.


13 May

Well, the time has come for me to official call myself a college graduate! Today was great, a lot of hugs and pride, congratulations and support. Tomorrow will be back to the real world, back to work, back to life as usual (with no homework of course, major plus!)

I’ve identified myself as a student for so long now, it feels weird to not anymore. What am I? An adult? A professional? I don’t really believe I’m any of those things yet. For now I’ll call myself a middle grounder, floating in between my past and future.

So, congrats to all you graduates out there! Here’s to all you accomplished in the past and all you will accomplish in the future!

That’s All Folks

7 May

Today was the day: my last of school…ever!

The mash up of emotions I’m feeling today makes it hard to determine if I’m more excited or terrified of what’s happening.

I woke up this morning a college student. I was out the door headed to campus at noon, an appropriate time for school to begin when you’re a senior. I parked in my usual spot, took the shortcut through the grass to the administration building and walked into my professor’s office like I have done hundreds of times in the past.

However, as the final seven pages of writing I will ever write as a college student floated out of my hands and into the cardboard drop off box, my life suddenly changed.

That’s it, done, finished. No longer will I circle the parking lot for 30 minutes trying to find a parking space or write my name on the sign up sheet outside my advisor’s office for a registration meeting. The next time I drive onto the campus at 5151 Park Ave I will be dressed in a black cap and gown ready to walk across the stage as a college co-ed and off as a full blown adult.

There will be a summer vacation to follow graduation day, but no late August emails reminding me to check my classroom assignments or begin reading the course syllabus. My friends will not pack up in early September and head back to their dorms spread across the country. Instead, we’ll sit around a table, most likely back at out parent’s house because we are all broke, and talk about where to go from here?  We’ll stare into the future, a summer with no end of sort, as no longer will the first day of school linger in the horizon, a once depressing yet comforting feeling.

Yes, in one sense having the old saying, “no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks,” come true is exciting, in another I am going to miss those teachers and their ability to tell me where to go and why, and hey, some of those book were actually interesting.

Anyways, regardless of how I feel about this new chapter of my life, it’s here. Time to strap on my big girl pants and become what I want to be when I grow up.