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7 May

Fearless Magazine: This link will bring you to an interactive tour of Fearless magazine, which I created from cover to cover.

The Story Behind The Magazine

As a senior at Sacred Heart University in the Communication and Media Studies Department, it is mandatory to complete a capstone senior project.

Beginning in my first semester of senior year, I signed up for a Senior Project I course and met my senior project advisor and classmates. Each student decides what type of project that they want to create (blogs, movie trailers, documentaries, research papers, photo journalism portfolios, etc).

Throughout the year I met multiple times with my advisor to brainstorm ideas, and copy edit. I also met with classmates at “checkpoints” to show them my drafts and get their feedback.

I chose a magazine because writing is what I am most passionate about. Fearless was inspired by a quote I had come upon by Taylor Swift: “To me, fearless isn’t about not having fears. It’s not that you’re not afraid of anything. I think that being fearless is having a lot of fears, but you jump anyway.”

Each article in “Fearless” magazine has to do with opening yourself up to things out of your comfort zone, from the music you listen to, to the medications you take. I believe that for young adults, branching out of comfort zones is a difficult yet necessary task.

I outlined, researched, and wrote every article in this magazine. As well, I created all the layouts using the program Pages, and gathered, took, or licensed every picture.

Behind the Scenes

  • Photos: Every photo in Fearless was either taken by me, or obtained from the personal portfolio of a friend. The acupuncture photo in “The Alternative Route,” the sky diving photo in “Extreme Sports,” and the photos of San Francisco and New Zealand in “Unique Destination Vacations,” were all licensed through The photos that appear on the “Music Under the Radar” page were taken with permission from the artist’s publicist. No images were taken from a Google search.
  • Interviews: All direct quotes, with the exception of the Taylor Swift quote, were taken from personal interviews I did with the source, either in person, via telephone or via email.
  • In the articles “Extreme Sports” and “Unique Destination Vacations” I chose to spotlight a diverse range of sports and destinations. I chose to do this because the feedback I got from my peers was that if they were reluctant to do an extreme sport or travel exotically in the first place, they would not chose extremes. This is why I added the “not so extreme” portion to the recreation page, and San Francisco and Montreal to the travel page. This way, I felt, people would still feel comfortable trying new things without being discouraged by anxiety.