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Pitch Perfect Hits a High Note

13 Oct

With a perfect combination of humor, promiscuity, magnificent musical mash-ups, and a cheesy Romeo and Juliette love story, “Pitch Perfect” makes my personal top five box office favorites. 

Anna Kendrick plays a dark and disturbed co-ed DJ just trying to find her place in the world. Way too cool for school, she begs her professor dad to give her a get out of a jail free card to ditch the books and make it big, spinning beats in the City of Angels.

However, forced to break out of her shell, literally, in a hilarious shower duet with co-star, Brittany Snow, Anna’s character, Becca, joins an all-girl acapella group, and falls in love with more than just college.

The rest of the cast is awkward and no-namers, but their average looks and rawness makes them relatable and loveable.  While the concept itself is a mix between a “Bring it On-” like national champion showdown, and a misfits united “Glee” story-line, the unbelievable one-liners delivered by self-proclaimed “Fat Amy,” played by the hilarious Rebel Wilson, and the star quality musical mash-ups, throwbacks, and down and dirty street sing-offs, makes this a must see, stand out on it’s own movie.


The Boys Cause Trouble on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

18 Jul

Everybody is a suspect in Rosewood after last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, even…heartbreak….Ezra.

Still working on executing their plan to switch A’s note in Garret’s dying mother’s hospital bed, Hanna and Spencer break into the woman’s hospital room (again with the hospital breaking and entering).

The new note has a new meeting place for A, where the girls will be waiting: the church rec room behind the organ (where else would it be?)

So who showed up in the creepy old church to greet Hanna hiding behind a church pew? It was none other than Detective Wilden (who claimed a nurse gave him the note), who is back in town to complete his life mission of torturing Hanna’s mom and taking down the girls.

It doesn’t look good for Hanna or the other liars, because even after Hanna’s lame excuse about being in the church, the girls are back on Wilden’s radar, especially now that Garrett is going free.

That’s right! After Spencer’s mom proved evidence in the prosecution’s case to be inadmissible, all charges for the murder of Ali and Maya against Garrett were dropped. Spencer has a breakdown, and enlists Jason to help her get answers.

After they are casually stalked by her dad (weird), Spencer and Jason find that April Rose (the original meeting spot in the note), is actually an antique store, not a person.

So what’s in the store that A was meant to find? Ali’s gold anklet that mysteriously made it’s way into a display. Jason and Spencer turn the bracelet into the police, and unintentionally helped Garrett’s defense: the bracelet had traces of blood that don’t match Garrett.

So who’s blood is it? Well, I never thought I would be saying this but the blood could possibly be Ezra’s!!! I know, I know!

The insanely gorgeous teacher, who once seemed to be nothing but Aria’s naive wing man, was revealed to be another suspicious liar.

While looking for a pair of socks in Ezra’s draw, Aria came across a bag of cash, looking to be about $50,000, the amount of money that Jason once paid a mysterious tipster for information on Ali’s remains.

When confronted, Ezra gave Aria some sob speech about selling his car for money because he’s broke. Aria believes it and cozy up to her man on the couch. Innocent right? Of course not, because right after, Ezra turns to his draw and gives it that, “Oh shit!” look.

Could Ezra have been involved in Ali’s murder? I mean he did sleep with Aria when she was a student, who’s to say he didn’t do the same with Ali?

OK, so it’s Ezra right? He slept with Ali, got caught, got scared and killed her? Not so fast.

In was an episode filled with welcoming back old faces, Holden made his cameo. So what’s different about Aria’s old friend/cage fighter? Oh yeah, that suspicious evil eye tattoo.

The tattoo wouldn’t be so weird if it wasn’t the tattoo that Emily remembered seeing on the arm of her kidnapper the night Ali’s remains were dug up.

Holden’s tattoo was fake, and he said it was a symbol for a party that he went too where he saw Emily’s friend once. Maya?

Well, we may never know because Holden ran away as fast they words came out of his mouth.

I’m beginning to think we may never know the answers to any of these Pretty Little Liars questions and the show will just end with a tail spin into a black hole.

…until next time!

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Just Full of New Lies

27 Jun

It was pretty little progress last night on Pretty Little Liars, and it’s back to the drawing board for all the PLL fans who think they had the whole thing figured out.

Here’s what we DID learn on last night’s episode:

Melissa was the black swan: After breaking into her apartment in Philly, and nearly getting caught, the girls found a feather that matched the mask on the black swan, and Melissa had no way of denying it.

Melissa lost her baby right after Ian died: Turns out Melissa was lying about being pregnant for months. Her excuse? The pressure of being in the local spotlight after Ian’s murder was too much to handle and adding a public miscarriage would have put her over the edge.

Garrett knows too much: Garrett knows about Melissa’s fake pregnancy, and so did his public defender, who was going to call in a witness during Garrett’s trial to testify about Melissa’s lies. Spencer and Melissa’s mom thought that would look too suspicious in the eye’s of the juror, and that’s why she decided to take on Garrett’s case herself.

The Dirty Cop is Back: The dirty cop, that briefly dated Hanna’s mom, is back, and sketchier than ever! He visited Mona during her no visitors punishment at Radley, and he’s on to the girl’s lie about being at Spencer’s lakehouse on the night that Ali’s remains were dug up.

“A” is Targeting Caleb: Caleb finally had enough of Hanna’s secret, and broke up with her after she failed to divulge any information in his last attempt to open her up. Caleb is now on his own, and it doesn’t look good for the long haired, computer hacker, because A is targeting his family in Montecito, already running his mother off the road and causing a car accident.

What We DON’T Know:

What Jason is Up To: After assuring Spencer he was done hunting down the thief that has Ali’s remains, Jason makes a suspicious phone call to an unknown person, whom he tells to, “meet him in the parking lot,” and then writes a reward check to for $50,000.

What Melissa is Up To: Although her sob may have seemed to convince Spencer and their mom of her innocence, Melissa’s water facet tears, and curious smirk while walking to her bedroom are enough for any viewer to know she’s still shady.

The Story Behind Maya’s “Cousin:” After paying Emily a visit and claiming he was Maya’s out-of-town cousin, this new character just doesn’t sit right with me. After only a brief stay, he is quick to take Emily’s letter to Maya’s parents and “deliver” it himself. As quick as he came in, he was gone, and if you have watched PLL from the beginning you know no character is here and gone that quick without a purpose.

Who Has Ali’s Remains OR Who “A” Is: The two biggest question of the season still remain. Ali’s remains are still MIA and the new “A” is still on the loose. 

While many questions are still unanswered after this episode, my biggest concern is WHERE IS EZRA FITZ? Yes, Jason, and Caleb are quite the lookers themselves, but an episode without Mr. Fitz is just not acceptable.

….until next time!

‘Dance Moms’ Appropriately Goes ‘Hunger Games’

27 Jun

A child’s fight to the death was the theme of this week’s group dance on Dance Moms, but really it should have been the mothers, not the daughters, thrown into the bloody arena.

Fresh off her no show solo at the previous competition, Brooke rendered up enough guts to ask Abby for the weekend off in order to attend her first middle school formal. Sticking with her “everyone is replaceable,” philosophy Abby brought in 14-year old, and previously hated, dancer, Payton, to replace Brooke in a Hunger Game inspired group dance.

Payton, was the lead in the number, prompting Christie and Kelly to go psycho on Leslie, Payton’s mom, who previously had a throw down with the ladies last season when Payton got kicked out of the group.

The women accused Payton of bullying their younger daughters, but after the usual fighting and teeth sucking, the entire group made it to “the biggest dance competition in the country,” as Abby reiterated to the girls and their mothers five times before getting on the bus to Starpower in Virginia.

The group dance placed second over all, and Maddie beat out Chloe for the Junior Miss title. Christi, Chloe’s mother, complained that the reason for her daughter’s defeat was poor choreography on Abby’s part, but Abby didn’t stick around long enough to hear her rant, because she was already down the street with Maddie and Melissa for Maddie’s secretly planned second solo of the day at another competition.

While the women were going bonkers in the green room, down the street Maddie was winning her second title of the day. The girls packed up their make up and got back on the bus ready to rip Abby, Melissa, and probably 9-year-old Maddie a new one, but we won’t see that until next week!

…until next time!

Out of the Office Until June 18

8 Jun

Well, the time has come. In a few short hours I will be boarding a plane to EUROPE!!!  Throughout the next ten days I will be traveling to London, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Paris, which means…..I won’t be able to update posts on celebrity gossip or TV recaps.

Please stay tuned for updates on my European adventure (if I can get to a computer), and then when I return, all the Hollywood happening updates you can imagine 🙂

So, I’m off!!!

….until next week!

The Lies Grow Bigger on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

6 Jun


The best styled, fake murders, were back for the summer premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” last night in one of the creepiest episodes to date.

The episode started off five months after where it left off: the girls finding out A was Mona, Mona therefore being committed to the psych ward, and Emily’s girlfriend Maya being murdered.

The girls did their own thing over the summer, but it was Emily who returned the most different. Grieving the loss of Maya, Emily comes back from her Habitat for Humanity adventure a drunk, numbing her pain with alcohol.

After a drunken reunion, Hanna, Aria and Spencer wake up to find Emily missing, and eventually find her in a cemetery, standing in front of Allison’s empty casket, shovel in hand.

Emily promises that she had nothing to do with the missing body and was drunkenly lured to the cemetery as a set up. The girls wipe their prints clean and escape to Spencer’s lake house for an alibi.

Back in Rosewood, news of Allison’s missing body has spread and once again all suspicious eyes are on the liars. Sticking to their innocent lake house story, the girls seem to be in the clear, but come on now people, remember what show we’re watching. 

Meanwhile, Aria continues trying to get her now divorced parents to accept her relationship with Ezria, Hanna sneaks out to visit a mute Mona in the hospital, and Spencer creepily escapes to the hotel room where A’s shrine of the girls used to be.

The girls find out that Hanna has been visiting Mona, and end up accepting that Hanna is going there only to get answers on why Mona ruined their lives. Hanna visits the hospital once again, under the impression that her visits have been helping Mona. Mona, who has been silent for five months, finally cracks and flashes Hanna a smile. We think! Actually she really is smiling at the chair behind Hanna, which she hallucinates Allison is sitting in.

While Hanna is there, Spencer finally answers a phone call from a restricted number and is connected to Garrett via his jail cell. She goes the see him and he tells her that he did not kill Allison, but he knows who did. He also tells her that he knows who has Allison’s corpse, but first wants her mom to represent him as his defense lawyer before he goes any further. Guards please!

Once the liars are together again, Spencer shows everyone what she has been doing all summer. Using her handy dandy laptop, Spencer has been going to A’s lair and piecing together the puzzle about what happened the night Maya was murdered. If you remember correctly, Mona was pushed into a ditch that night by Hanna, but still the lair was somehow emptied and all evidence of A was removed at the same time, leaving Spencer to believe that there is someone else helping Mona: the Black Swan from the masquerade ball.

The girl’s thoughts are interrupted by Spencer’s car alarm going off and run outside to find all the doors wide open. There is no trace of anyone around, except what they left behind….snap shots, covering the entire car, of the girls standing over Allison’s empty grave holding a shovel. So much for an alibi.

Beep, beep: “Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. -A”

So who done it? A tired eyed Lucas? Pregnant Melissa? Blind/not blind Jenna? Or jealous Jason? And so we watch…

…..until next time!


Same City, New Housewives, RHONY Is Back!

6 Jun

The golden apples are the same but the housewives holding them are all new…well some are.

Stepping in for the fired housewives, Cindy, Jill, Alex, and Kelly, the new women of The Real Housewives of New York, fit right into the craziness, with the new season airing Monday night on Bravo.

Carole Radziwill, Aviva Drescher, and Heather Thomson filled the three empty spots as an editor/Kennedy widow, a stay home mom of 4, and a celebrity stylist turned shape wear designer, respectively.

We first meet Aviva at a lunch date in Central Park with Luann. Turns out her ex-husband is a good friend and ex-flame of both Sonja and Luann! Awkward! The women chat about French men and their kids, and Luann says something about Aviva’s handicap, but goes no further as to reveal what it is. Hmmmmmm?

Later at Sonja’s party we see Aviva again and also meet Heather and Carole. Heather’s B-roll shows some pictures of her with Beyonce and J-Lo, and Carole talks about her #1 NY Times Bestseller about the death of her Kennedy husband.

The women mingle and act as fake as ever, until Luann breaks up the comradery by taking Ramona aside to “discuss” her comments about Luann’s parenting and calling her a “weekend mom.” Ramona tries to get away from the ambush and Sonja comes into help. Unsatisfied with the lack of drama in the night, Luann decides to fill in the new girls about all the happenings between her and Ramona. Hey nice to meet you ladies, let me tell you about this bitch!

After the party, everyone does their share of bonding. Sonja and Aviva get pedicures and Aviva gets all thirty of her toes painted red. Oh yeah, by the way, Aviva has a fake leg, and keeps a spare in her purse! Seriously, in her purse!

Ramona visits Heather at her office and tells her all about her horrifying, gruesome child birth experience. Poor Heather, thought they were there to discuss business.

Ramona kicks it up a notch by inviting all the women, minus Luann, to a dinner party at her Hampton’s house, and we begin to see one relationship unravel and one begin a nasty path to destruction. 

First, Ramona and her husband, Mario, welcome Heather to their home by commenting to her that she talks too much and cuts people off while their speaking. A tequila drinking Heather, takes it in stride, but later reveals to Aviva that she’s not loving this Ramona woman.

While at the table, the usual best friend duo, Ramona and Sonja, feel a little heat when Ramona humiliating calls Sonja out at the table after she has a harmless slip of the tongue and refers to her ex-husband as her husband.

Back in the city, Luann has lunch with Carole, Aviva and Heather, and “like a drive by shooting,” as (the hilarious) Carole calls it, sits down to tell the ladies that Ramona threatened her children, and then just as fast as she came, picks up her things and leaves.

Not knowing what just hit them, or what they have gotten themselves into, the three new ladies promise each other not to be “mean girls,” like the rest of them. Yea, OK, ladies, by the way, do you know what show you’re on?

Ahhh the housewives! So glad to have you back!

….until next time!