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Throwback Thursday

8 Nov

Why fix something if it’s not broken right? In my attempt to keep this blog running efficiently and productively, Thursday’s theme is going to piggy back off of  “Throwback Thursday,” made famous by Instagram.

Currently I am in my office at work, staring out of the window at the brown slush colored ground and the passerbys looking miserable as they get windburned by the bitter cold. There may be nothing more I want to do right now then go back home, get into my pajamas, make a cup of tea, and watch morning talk shows while under a blanket. This feeling brings me back to school days, when the weather was just bad enough to make your stay at the bus stop agonizing, yet not bad enough for school to be cancelled. You dragged your feet into class, scrutinizing every ecscape route out of 5th period, when suddenly a ray of light illuminates in front you around this…… Happy #tbt!