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TV Tuesday

13 Nov

“Once Upon a Time”- While the void of Emma and Snow White’s presence was felt, Red and Prince Charming stepped up to the plate in keeping the spirit of the show alive. Red’s story was continued from where it left off in her season one debut, picking up at her decision to choose human life over the wolf. In Storeybrooke, David saves Red from riots of townspeople, led by the King, who framed Red into thinking she was a murderer. The episode wasn’t epic or integral to the show’s plot, ending with Emma and Snow, who appear for the first time in the last 10 minutes, finding out about Sleeping Beauty and Henry’s fiery dream connection. Every series needs a couple of fillers, so I’m still sticking around.

“Teen Mom 2”- Starting up on the heels of its predecessor’s series finale, Jenelle, Leah, Chelsea, and Kailyn were back with more mascara flowing tears, and bad dye jobs. Jenelle ends her productive streak by smoking marijuana after another fight with her mom, jeopardizing her chances of staying out of jail. Chelsea is back with Adam, and while their conversations have yet to mature from muffled talks about cars and food, their relationship is, for now, civil. Kailyn is still just trying to get over Jo enough to watch his cheesy, home movie music videos, online, while Leah is desperately hanging on to her marriage with Corey, taking one last stab at convincing him to go to marriage counseling. Ah, if only we didn’t know that current day Leah is expecting baby number 3 with baby daddy #2, we may be hopeful for reconciliation.  

“Glee”- While some of the boys are back in town, roaming the halls of McKinley, Mr. Shu is shipping out to Washington D.C. After a humiliating release from the army and a cringe worthy break-up with Rachel, Finn is set to follow in Shu’s shoes, taking ownership of the Glee club in his absence. Mercedes and Mike make a gleeful return to high school, choreographing the McKinley High production of “Grease.” Forget the new Rachel, the new Finn is taking over the choir room, as the old school Justin Bieber hair rocker, Ryder Lynn, snagged the lead role opposite Marley. Next week it looks as if the whole crew is back at McKinley, stirring up some “Grease”-y d-r-a-m-a.

“Grey’s Anatomy”- There was a lot of hearts breaking, literally, last week on “Grey’s Anatomy,” as both Cristina and Meredith took on tough cases involving saving two young women’s hearts. Meredith fought for her girl, with her dead sister, Lexi, in the back of mind, as she went against the advice of her colleagues and performed the risky, yet successful, surgery. Cristina’s surgery was also successful, however, her Meredith stand-in, Dr. Thomas, bit the bullet minutes after giving Cristina the life advice she needed to hear in order to get back on a plane and regain her ground in Seattle.

“Revenge”- The unfortunate thing about watching a TV series regularly with a friend or family member is that if they are not available to watch it, you cannot either. Hence why I have 3 back weeks of “Revenge” to watch, and nothing to report right now. My apologies.


TV Tuesday

23 Oct

The past few weeks have been ones of start-ups and shut-downs for many of my favorite TV shows. The presidential debate has interrupted my favorite night of TV, Tuesday, twice now, but I won’t let that stop me from raving and ranting about what has been out.

First out of the cage is…

The Housewives of New Jersey:

-The reunion special was broken down into not one, not two, but three parts! And, boy, there was enough drama for twelve more nights. As usual Kathy, and her newly introduced eyes and lips, sat quietly in the corner and only interjected during inappropriate times. Mostly the fighting was between Jacqueline and Teresa, and was about cheating husbands, bad parenting, and stripper rumors. Did some say strippers? Cue, Melissa and Joe. Joe Gorga defended his “bartender” wife against Teresa and Joe Guidice, who gave a 1/3 assed apology about calling Theresa a c**** and making gay jokes to Greg. Really, the whole thing was just sad. Theresa sat next to and defended her cheating, emotionally abusive husband, while a family and a friendship deteriorated right before our eyes. So, now that Melissa has moved herself and her children away from Teresa’s home, Caroline detached herself from the drama, Jacqueline is concentrating on her newly-diagnosed autistic son, and Kathy still has nothing to say, will RHONJ continue?

The Housewives of New York:

The two part reunion special really only needed to be half an hour, if that. Aviva talked about her fake leg AGAIN, Sonja cried about her dead dog, and LuAnn tried to dig herself out of a cheating hole. Wait, who were those other two women on the couch? Carole? Heather? Oh…do they speak?

The true, juicy drama happened after on “Watch What Happens Live,” when ex-housewife, Jill Zarin, sat down for a one-on-one with Andy Cohen and called him and Bravo out for firing her, and taking Bethenny’s side during their friendship ending fight. It was raw, honest, uncut, and light-years more interesting then the reunion.

Grey’s Anatomy:

There’s been bombings, cancer victims, ferry crashes, plane crashes, mass shootings, bus accidents, and hostage situations. When will Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital just implode already? Well, I guess it wouldn’t really matter because even the Apocalypse couldn’t stop Shonda Rhimes from creating more threesome, sexual tension, bad cop drama. Lexi and Mark, my two favorite characters were killed off a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been forced to accept whiny Arizona, bitchy Cristina, needy Meredith, and cry-baby Callie, as the main characters on one of my favorite shows. Why do I still watch you ask? Maybe it’s the same reason why dinosaurs can’t even take down these doctors.


Starting season two as the arguably best show on television, “Revenge,” or Emily Thorne I should say, is taking no prisoners. As I called it months ago, Emily’s plan to take down anyone who crosses her path, indirectly put Amanda Clarke into a coma. Victoria, Conrad, Daniel, and Charlotte are in a tangled web of fake smiles and backstabbing as Victoria reclaimed her throne as head witch at the dinner table. Meanwhile, Emily’s mom is back (with a stun gun), and Nolan found a new lady love. But have no fear, his new boo is up to no good, throwing out the death eyes narrated by the classic “Revenge” dramatic score. I’ve been taken over by the Hamptons drama, and am willing to ride the black wave anywhere it takes me.

Pretty Little Liars:

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HALLOWEEN EPISODE IS BACK TONIGHT. After the season finale’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching, take-your-breath-away-episode, nothing is off limits tonight as Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer ride the Halloween “A” Train to Hell!