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Fast Facts Friday

11 Jan

“Glee” is Back… and Then Some: I take a deep breath before I say this BUT….the magic that “Glee” once had has slowly dwindled since the original cast graduated. The new characters are cute, talented, and have some of that same adorable annoyingness, but there has been something missing since Rachel turned sexpot and Mr. Shu bit the dust. The ratings have since taken a hit, and part of me was okay with my once favorite show, singing its sawn song in the new future (PUN intended). Perhaps it was their mega win at The People’s Choice Awards, or the fact that Murphy and crew aren’t ready to send their baby off into the horizon, but Fox has announced that “Glee” is going to be picked up for season 5, AND the idea of spin-offs haven’t been canned yet! I’m actually hoping that the Rachel/Kurt NYC love affair is moved to a completely different show, and “Glee” could once again be about the relatable awkward high school misfits and not about musical prodigies living their dreams in the big city.

Oscar Nominees Announced: It was much of the same at this year’s Oscar Award Nominee announcement party. Movies we never heard of lead the way in nominations, and ones we have heard of, but wish we hadn’t, leave us scratching our heads with how they may walk away with a golden statue. To brief, “Lincoln” leads the pack with 12 nominations, “Life of Pi” followed close behind with 11, and “Les Miserables” and “Silver Lining Playbook” round out the top three, tying with 8 nominations. For a full list of nominees check out: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/oscar-nominations-2013-full-list/story?id=18174507

Kardashian Kids Take Over: OK, let us get this one over with as fast as we can. Kim’s pregnant with (ughhh) Kanye’s baby. Moving on…

Bieber Fans Take Things Too Far: With any pre-teen, flash in the pan groupies, girlfriend hating fan clubs, and trending topics are not unusual, but Justin Bieber’s fan base took things too far when they decided to create a self-harming protest against Bieber smoking week. After TMZ published pictures of the singer smoking weed, fans took to Twitter to start the #cut4bieber trending topic, hoping to get Bieber’s attention. “Let’s start a cut yourself for Bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pictures of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because Bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.” While many would ignore such a ridiculous and idiotic comment, many immature and naïve girls took the suggestion to heart and started the trend. Although some pictures posted were of fans cutting paper or cake, others did post gruesome self-harm pictures. The topic unsurprising outraged many and the initial tweeted was taken down. Bieber has released no comment thus far.

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Revenge: Call it repetitive, annoying, or old news, but you’ll be singing it non-stop in two months. After a break-up with One Direction’s, Harry Styles, earlier this week, Taylor Swift did what she does best…she wrote a song about it. After stepping out on The People’s Choice Award’s red carpet looking stunning in a neck plunging white gown, Taylor tweeted out “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” Uh-oh is right Harry, get ready to feel the $52 million wrath of Ms. Swift.

Old School Musicians, Ready to Make a Return: Just when I thought the music industry was on its way down the toilet, with One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Gangam Style swirling down with it, we were hit with some epic comeback news. Tweeting a pic of him in the studio was Justin Timberlake’s way of announcing that he was bringing sexy back to music, and Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams announced that they have decided to put their solo careers aside and make new Destiny’s Child ear candy. And how will they introduce the world to these joyous harmonies? At the Super Bowl of course!!! The trio’s performance is rumored to be the headline at the February half-time show! Oh please let this be true!!!!

14 Dec

Potter is Back!!!: Just when we all thought our lives had no meaning since both the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” franchises were over, executives at Universal Studios decided to give the world an early Christmas present by announcing that Harry and the gang will be back for a ninth installment. The production of the film will be on a much smaller scale, and is being filmed exclusively for the opening of the Potter theme park at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Shooting for the film has already begun, and the final product will be released in 2014!!! Now that’s magically!

LA Reid Announces His X-it From the Judge’s Panel: Maybe all us common folks should be re-thinking the tears which we shed over the jealously we have for singing competition judges who make millions for sipping Cokes, smiling, and bobbing their heads. I’m just speculating here but maybe the grass is not always greener on the other side, as there has to be a reason multiple judges are leaving their money soaked chairs for “alternative endeavors.” Following suit with Paula, Nicole, J-Lo, Steven Tyler, Christina, Cee-Lo, and all the other singing show ghosts, LA Reid announced yesterday that he is giving up his spot on the “X-Factor,” to focus more on his job as Chairman of Epic Records. Regardless of being in front of or behind the scenes, Reid will surely keep his salary in the millions, but perhaps the real reason for his departure was the dull ratings and mediocre talent of the show ruining his street cred?

More Heartbreak over Jenni Rivera’s Death
: The term dirty cop doesn’t even begin to describe the Mexican cops who are suspected for stealing the personal belongings of Latin singer, Jenni Rivera, after her plane crashed earlier this week, leaving everyone on board dead. Not only did the despicable cops steal from the dead, but they are also suspected of releasing confidential photos of the wreck to the press. How disgusting!

Bethenny Frankel’s “Ever After” is Going to Be Without Jason: I can’t say that I didn’t see it coming (well it actually slammed through my TV screen like a rocket ship into space), but sources are once again confirming that the marriage between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy is o-v-e-r. If you watched Bethenny on “The Housewives” you would know that her life goal (besides making millions) was to marry and have a baby. It was check, check, and check for Bethenny on all three of those bucket list wishes, all within just a couple of years. Maybe the pressure of instant stardom, fortune, and motherhood became too much for the SkinnyGirl. Although I was waiting for the shoe to drop, I was hoping this would’ve been the underdog marriage to pull through!

Olivia Wilde Defends Those Wild Rumors: Olivia Wilde may have been rocking out at the Rolling Stones concert last night, but she did find some time (perhaps during intermission) to tweet one very important thing. “No I’m not engaged (to her BF Jason Sudeikis),” she tweeted, But I AM at the Stones show and holy s–t Ronnie Wood you got style, boy. It’s just a fact. Trying to score a shoe pic.” Perhaps, Katy Perry could snap that picture for you Olivia, as she and her boy toy, John Mayer, were sitting front row at the same concert.

“Glee” Reunites: It’s been a season of cameos and name drops, but the fire hasn’t been burning as bright since the original cast of “Glee” graduated. However, this picture, below, is reminiscent of the times when the McKinley kids were rolling around in wheel chairs, and dressing up like Lady Gaga. Since they graduated, Santana, Quinn and Rachel haven’t shot a scene together, but after this joyous reunion it seems like the three amigos may be reconnecting soon!

TV Tuesday

13 Nov

“Once Upon a Time”- While the void of Emma and Snow White’s presence was felt, Red and Prince Charming stepped up to the plate in keeping the spirit of the show alive. Red’s story was continued from where it left off in her season one debut, picking up at her decision to choose human life over the wolf. In Storeybrooke, David saves Red from riots of townspeople, led by the King, who framed Red into thinking she was a murderer. The episode wasn’t epic or integral to the show’s plot, ending with Emma and Snow, who appear for the first time in the last 10 minutes, finding out about Sleeping Beauty and Henry’s fiery dream connection. Every series needs a couple of fillers, so I’m still sticking around.

“Teen Mom 2”- Starting up on the heels of its predecessor’s series finale, Jenelle, Leah, Chelsea, and Kailyn were back with more mascara flowing tears, and bad dye jobs. Jenelle ends her productive streak by smoking marijuana after another fight with her mom, jeopardizing her chances of staying out of jail. Chelsea is back with Adam, and while their conversations have yet to mature from muffled talks about cars and food, their relationship is, for now, civil. Kailyn is still just trying to get over Jo enough to watch his cheesy, home movie music videos, online, while Leah is desperately hanging on to her marriage with Corey, taking one last stab at convincing him to go to marriage counseling. Ah, if only we didn’t know that current day Leah is expecting baby number 3 with baby daddy #2, we may be hopeful for reconciliation.  

“Glee”- While some of the boys are back in town, roaming the halls of McKinley, Mr. Shu is shipping out to Washington D.C. After a humiliating release from the army and a cringe worthy break-up with Rachel, Finn is set to follow in Shu’s shoes, taking ownership of the Glee club in his absence. Mercedes and Mike make a gleeful return to high school, choreographing the McKinley High production of “Grease.” Forget the new Rachel, the new Finn is taking over the choir room, as the old school Justin Bieber hair rocker, Ryder Lynn, snagged the lead role opposite Marley. Next week it looks as if the whole crew is back at McKinley, stirring up some “Grease”-y d-r-a-m-a.

“Grey’s Anatomy”- There was a lot of hearts breaking, literally, last week on “Grey’s Anatomy,” as both Cristina and Meredith took on tough cases involving saving two young women’s hearts. Meredith fought for her girl, with her dead sister, Lexi, in the back of mind, as she went against the advice of her colleagues and performed the risky, yet successful, surgery. Cristina’s surgery was also successful, however, her Meredith stand-in, Dr. Thomas, bit the bullet minutes after giving Cristina the life advice she needed to hear in order to get back on a plane and regain her ground in Seattle.

“Revenge”- The unfortunate thing about watching a TV series regularly with a friend or family member is that if they are not available to watch it, you cannot either. Hence why I have 3 back weeks of “Revenge” to watch, and nothing to report right now. My apologies.