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Music Monday

28 Jan

I must say, before I went to his show in Nashville I thought Hunter Hayes was a pop-country, 14-year-old version of Justin Bieber.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he is in fact an adorable, talented, 21-year-old country up-and-comer. Who would of thunk that I would’ve went into that concert critical and have come out humming, and addicted to this song?
Whether you too are questioning the kudos of the blonde haired, doe eyed singer, or already know and love his infectious tunes, it’s worth taking a listen to “Somebody’s Heartbreak.” Oh, and look at that I already have it cued up for you…..


Music Monday

19 Nov

One of the best things about the television show, “Pretty Little Liar,” besides the twists, hookups, and unbelievably hot male cast, is the soundtrack!

If you’ve been caught up in paying attention to all the murder and mayhem and haven’t been able to properly listen to the catchy chorus that Emily packed her bags up to, you’re in luck.

For this week’s Music Monday, I give you, Bear Attack’s, “The Backpack Song:”

Music Monday

12 Nov

Their last big hit may have been an inspirational and spiritual melody, but The Band Perry is proving they have more to bring to country music then undying love and daisies.

Check out the siblings group new single, “Better Dig Two” below:

Music Monday

5 Nov

Let there be light! (and hot water, and heat, and internet!!!)

After six days of no power, cold toes, frizzy hair, and a marathon of wall starring, my power is finally back on!

With all the down and darkness time this past week, iTunes and Pandora has been a great friend through it all. Which means….lots of new music for Music Monday!

It took a while to chose just one of the many gems I came across, but the one I chose is “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons.

These guys may have started out as little indie band, but as they make their way into mainstream music, and up the iTunes charts with hits like, “I Will Wait,” and “The Cave,” they are establishing themselves as true folk lions!

Music Monday

22 Oct

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is finding something to say. As someone who throughly enjoys writing, everything that catches my eye is inspirtation. Photos, music, foliage, children, tears, laughs, over heard conversations, all are experiences that generate ideas, stories, narratives, poems, and words. With all these muses, why is it that sometimes when writers sit down in front of a computer, or pick up a pen, nothing happens? The images of their stories coming to life play through their heads, but the nouns and verbs get stuck on the way out.

The answer is one I don’t have, and the question will most likely be an obstacle my entire life as a writer.

There will always be obstacles in life, but have no fear, because with obstacles comes solutions.

So, with a little creative thinking and some recycled ideas I thought of a way to solve any future writer’s block. Themed days will now be the focus of this blog, and today I present you with the first: MUSIC MONDAY!


It’s album release day for Taylor Swift, and in honor of this momentous occasion, here is the third single off her new album, “Red,” entitled, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”