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Music Monday

28 Jan

I must say, before I went to his show in Nashville I thought Hunter Hayes was a pop-country, 14-year-old version of Justin Bieber.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he is in fact an adorable, talented, 21-year-old country up-and-comer. Who would of thunk that I would’ve went into that concert critical and have come out humming, and addicted to this song?
Whether you too are questioning the kudos of the blonde haired, doe eyed singer, or already know and love his infectious tunes, it’s worth taking a listen to “Somebody’s Heartbreak.” Oh, and look at that I already have it cued up for you…..


Music Monday (On Thursday)

24 Jan

Day 2 back from Nashville and already my ears ache for more of its authentic, passionate music. The nickname “Music City” is a far understatement for the southern town. Everywhere you turn, from the local bars to the newspaper, music is being played or talked about.

I sat and watched in amazement as every artist I heard play sounded so soulful and amazing, yet they weren’t on the radio… and Justin Bieber is. The enjoyment that these artists got out of playing music (audio tune free), whether it was for a packed house at the Ryman Auditorium or for the 10 people in the lunch crowd, was infectious.

I can tell you about the music from now until forever, but to really understand the realm of which I’m talking about you must listen.

Carolina Story is a married couple, touring the world with a guitar, a tambourine, and a harmonic. I was lucky enough to hear them live at Nashville’s famous Blue Bird Café, and I’m delighted to bring them back with me to Connecticut for you all to hear….

Fast Facts Friday

11 Jan

“Glee” is Back… and Then Some: I take a deep breath before I say this BUT….the magic that “Glee” once had has slowly dwindled since the original cast graduated. The new characters are cute, talented, and have some of that same adorable annoyingness, but there has been something missing since Rachel turned sexpot and Mr. Shu bit the dust. The ratings have since taken a hit, and part of me was okay with my once favorite show, singing its sawn song in the new future (PUN intended). Perhaps it was their mega win at The People’s Choice Awards, or the fact that Murphy and crew aren’t ready to send their baby off into the horizon, but Fox has announced that “Glee” is going to be picked up for season 5, AND the idea of spin-offs haven’t been canned yet! I’m actually hoping that the Rachel/Kurt NYC love affair is moved to a completely different show, and “Glee” could once again be about the relatable awkward high school misfits and not about musical prodigies living their dreams in the big city.

Oscar Nominees Announced: It was much of the same at this year’s Oscar Award Nominee announcement party. Movies we never heard of lead the way in nominations, and ones we have heard of, but wish we hadn’t, leave us scratching our heads with how they may walk away with a golden statue. To brief, “Lincoln” leads the pack with 12 nominations, “Life of Pi” followed close behind with 11, and “Les Miserables” and “Silver Lining Playbook” round out the top three, tying with 8 nominations. For a full list of nominees check out: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/oscar-nominations-2013-full-list/story?id=18174507

Kardashian Kids Take Over: OK, let us get this one over with as fast as we can. Kim’s pregnant with (ughhh) Kanye’s baby. Moving on…

Bieber Fans Take Things Too Far: With any pre-teen, flash in the pan groupies, girlfriend hating fan clubs, and trending topics are not unusual, but Justin Bieber’s fan base took things too far when they decided to create a self-harming protest against Bieber smoking week. After TMZ published pictures of the singer smoking weed, fans took to Twitter to start the #cut4bieber trending topic, hoping to get Bieber’s attention. “Let’s start a cut yourself for Bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pictures of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because Bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.” While many would ignore such a ridiculous and idiotic comment, many immature and naïve girls took the suggestion to heart and started the trend. Although some pictures posted were of fans cutting paper or cake, others did post gruesome self-harm pictures. The topic unsurprising outraged many and the initial tweeted was taken down. Bieber has released no comment thus far.

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Revenge: Call it repetitive, annoying, or old news, but you’ll be singing it non-stop in two months. After a break-up with One Direction’s, Harry Styles, earlier this week, Taylor Swift did what she does best…she wrote a song about it. After stepping out on The People’s Choice Award’s red carpet looking stunning in a neck plunging white gown, Taylor tweeted out “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” Uh-oh is right Harry, get ready to feel the $52 million wrath of Ms. Swift.

Old School Musicians, Ready to Make a Return: Just when I thought the music industry was on its way down the toilet, with One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Gangam Style swirling down with it, we were hit with some epic comeback news. Tweeting a pic of him in the studio was Justin Timberlake’s way of announcing that he was bringing sexy back to music, and Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams announced that they have decided to put their solo careers aside and make new Destiny’s Child ear candy. And how will they introduce the world to these joyous harmonies? At the Super Bowl of course!!! The trio’s performance is rumored to be the headline at the February half-time show! Oh please let this be true!!!!

Music Monday

2 Jan

Two thousand and tweleve was quick, hectic, and a little bit tragic, so to welcome everyone into 2013 I give you Tristan Prettyman’s just plain, “pretty” (PUN intended), version of my favorite song off the soundtrack of my favorite movie, “Juno.” (Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but coming back from the holidays, we are all feeling the Monday blues).
Happy New Year!

Music Monday

19 Nov

One of the best things about the television show, “Pretty Little Liar,” besides the twists, hookups, and unbelievably hot male cast, is the soundtrack!

If you’ve been caught up in paying attention to all the murder and mayhem and haven’t been able to properly listen to the catchy chorus that Emily packed her bags up to, you’re in luck.

For this week’s Music Monday, I give you, Bear Attack’s, “The Backpack Song:”

Music Monday

12 Nov

Their last big hit may have been an inspirational and spiritual melody, but The Band Perry is proving they have more to bring to country music then undying love and daisies.

Check out the siblings group new single, “Better Dig Two” below:

Music Monday

5 Nov

Let there be light! (and hot water, and heat, and internet!!!)

After six days of no power, cold toes, frizzy hair, and a marathon of wall starring, my power is finally back on!

With all the down and darkness time this past week, iTunes and Pandora has been a great friend through it all. Which means….lots of new music for Music Monday!

It took a while to chose just one of the many gems I came across, but the one I chose is “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons.

These guys may have started out as little indie band, but as they make their way into mainstream music, and up the iTunes charts with hits like, “I Will Wait,” and “The Cave,” they are establishing themselves as true folk lions!