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Fast Facts Friday

11 Jan

“Glee” is Back… and Then Some: I take a deep breath before I say this BUT….the magic that “Glee” once had has slowly dwindled since the original cast graduated. The new characters are cute, talented, and have some of that same adorable annoyingness, but there has been something missing since Rachel turned sexpot and Mr. Shu bit the dust. The ratings have since taken a hit, and part of me was okay with my once favorite show, singing its sawn song in the new future (PUN intended). Perhaps it was their mega win at The People’s Choice Awards, or the fact that Murphy and crew aren’t ready to send their baby off into the horizon, but Fox has announced that “Glee” is going to be picked up for season 5, AND the idea of spin-offs haven’t been canned yet! I’m actually hoping that the Rachel/Kurt NYC love affair is moved to a completely different show, and “Glee” could once again be about the relatable awkward high school misfits and not about musical prodigies living their dreams in the big city.

Oscar Nominees Announced: It was much of the same at this year’s Oscar Award Nominee announcement party. Movies we never heard of lead the way in nominations, and ones we have heard of, but wish we hadn’t, leave us scratching our heads with how they may walk away with a golden statue. To brief, “Lincoln” leads the pack with 12 nominations, “Life of Pi” followed close behind with 11, and “Les Miserables” and “Silver Lining Playbook” round out the top three, tying with 8 nominations. For a full list of nominees check out: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/oscar-nominations-2013-full-list/story?id=18174507

Kardashian Kids Take Over: OK, let us get this one over with as fast as we can. Kim’s pregnant with (ughhh) Kanye’s baby. Moving on…

Bieber Fans Take Things Too Far: With any pre-teen, flash in the pan groupies, girlfriend hating fan clubs, and trending topics are not unusual, but Justin Bieber’s fan base took things too far when they decided to create a self-harming protest against Bieber smoking week. After TMZ published pictures of the singer smoking weed, fans took to Twitter to start the #cut4bieber trending topic, hoping to get Bieber’s attention. “Let’s start a cut yourself for Bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pictures of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because Bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.” While many would ignore such a ridiculous and idiotic comment, many immature and naïve girls took the suggestion to heart and started the trend. Although some pictures posted were of fans cutting paper or cake, others did post gruesome self-harm pictures. The topic unsurprising outraged many and the initial tweeted was taken down. Bieber has released no comment thus far.

Taylor Swift’s Biggest Revenge: Call it repetitive, annoying, or old news, but you’ll be singing it non-stop in two months. After a break-up with One Direction’s, Harry Styles, earlier this week, Taylor Swift did what she does best…she wrote a song about it. After stepping out on The People’s Choice Award’s red carpet looking stunning in a neck plunging white gown, Taylor tweeted out “Back in the studio. Uh oh…” Uh-oh is right Harry, get ready to feel the $52 million wrath of Ms. Swift.

Old School Musicians, Ready to Make a Return: Just when I thought the music industry was on its way down the toilet, with One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and Gangam Style swirling down with it, we were hit with some epic comeback news. Tweeting a pic of him in the studio was Justin Timberlake’s way of announcing that he was bringing sexy back to music, and Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams announced that they have decided to put their solo careers aside and make new Destiny’s Child ear candy. And how will they introduce the world to these joyous harmonies? At the Super Bowl of course!!! The trio’s performance is rumored to be the headline at the February half-time show! Oh please let this be true!!!!


Fast Facts Friday

30 Nov

“Girl Meets…” Disney Channel: Cory and Topanga are back!! Well in the sense that the two mixed together their DNA to create Riley, a 13-year-old girl whose point of view the “Boy Meets World” spin-off, “Girl Meets World,” will be told from. Disney executives confirm that the new show is in production, and will air on the Disney Channel. No word yet on whom from the original cast will make appearances, but I think it’s safe to say that the demographic ratings for the Disney Channel may jump up about a decade on this one.

A Pretty Penny: While the rest of us are slaving away at preparing Board meeting packets or wrangling in toddlers, these musicians are getting paid the big bucks to jet-set in private planes, and soak in the luxury of being rich. Forbes much anticipated list of the highest paid musicians of the year is in and once again is full of variety, from legends to tweens and all that’s in between. Take a look at the top five below:

  1. Dr. Dre: $110 million
  2. Britney Spears: $58 million
  3. Taylor Swift: $57 million
  4. Justin Bieber: $55 million
  5. Rhianna: $53 million

Protecting His Cubs: Oliver Martinez may not be the biological father of Halle Berry’s 4-year-old daughter, Nahla, but he’s still protecting his honorary offspring. When Nahla’s biological father, model Gabriel Aubry, came to drop Nahla off with Berry and Martinez, gauntlets were thrown. Martinez, who is upset with Aubry for legally holding back the family from moving to France, took his pent up aggression out on Aubry’s face. A black eye, bruised face, and a broken rib later, Aubry left the hospital and took out a restraining order on Martinez. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 Linday Lohan…blah blah blah: While it goes against everything I have to talk about Lindsay Lohan’s umpteenth arrest, it is breaking celebrity news, so I must address it. Here’s the quick version. Lindsay hit up a Hollywood club late Thursday, after attending a J-Biebs concert. There, she got into an altercation with another woman and ended up slugging her. The cops were called and Lindsay can now face assault and violation of probation charges. Like I said blah blah.

 Jessica Simpson’s Latest Gig:  Bump “Watchers”: She may have been watching her weight after becoming a mom earlier this year, but now everyone else is watching Jessica Simpson’s possibly growing belly. Last week US Weekly published an article quoting a source confirming that Simpson was expecting baby number 2, only six months after giving birth to her daughter, Maxwell. Simpson’s camp was yet to send out an official word, but I’m guessing the paparazzi may find out before they get the chance to.

Fast Facts Friday

26 Oct

It’s Friday, which means everyone should be at about 50% of their Monday work ethic. With such little brain power working at this end-of-the-week push, you probably don’t have the time or energy to research or read lengthy articles about your fav celebs.

So, for all you sloth-like, entry-level workers, like myself, or burnt out students counting down the hours until the Friday night festivites, I have aggregated all the biggest celeb breaking news into five, short, down and dirty, fast facts.  Further research is optional! 🙂

Enjoy! See you Monday!

Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy are “Never Ever” staying together: Although it’s being reported that Taylor is still purchasing that Hyannis Port mansion down the street from Connor, it was distance that parted the pair. “US Weekly” magazine is reporting that Taylor and Connor amicably ended their relationship because of the long distance. While many are raising eyebrows at the breakup, which came at a “conicidental” good time, Taylor is currently promoting her new album “Red,” the magazine reports that the relationship ended, “awhile ago.”

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel official hitched: Dressed in a pink Giambattista Valli gown, the actress and actor/singer extraordinary tied the night in Italy last Friday. The 100 guests, which included Justin’s former N’Sync band mates and Jessica’s “7th Heaven” co-stars, enjoyed an intimate acoustic performance by the former boy band-er, who played a song he wrote specifically for his new bride.

Kim and Kanye are NOT engaged…YET: Mom-ager, Kris Jenner, played damage control on behalf of her daughter, Kim, yesterday, shooting down rumors that the pink diamond ring on her pinky finger is NOT an engagement ring. While it may not have happened yet, Kris told ENews that Kanye did buy something for Kim on their Italian birthday trip. However, after that she remained mum, saying, “if I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Rep Jumps Ship: For Lindsay Lohan’s publicists the open waters were safer than staying in the Lilo boat. Scandal after scandal and arrest after arrest became too much for Steve Honig, who has played damage control for the actress after every DUI, car accident, and domestic abuse charge the past few years. While we all know why he left, Honig is staying broad on the official reason, telling E!Online, “”I’m not discussing this out of respect for my client.” She’s your former client now, Steve…dish the deets!

Farrah Abrahams Goes Under the Knife: “Teen Mom” star, Farrah Abrahams may have finished her time in front of the cameras, but that didn’t stop the  21-year-old mom from making sure she is camera ready at all times. After documenting her breast augmentation on the last season of the MTV show, Farrah took to print to show off her new nose and chin. The $16,000 surgeries were featured on the cover of this week’s “In Touch” magazine and quoted Farrah saying, “”I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous!” As for the money she spent on the surgery, “It was worth it,” she said. Hope she wrote a nice Thank You card to MTV for making that happen!

Music Monday

22 Oct

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is finding something to say. As someone who throughly enjoys writing, everything that catches my eye is inspirtation. Photos, music, foliage, children, tears, laughs, over heard conversations, all are experiences that generate ideas, stories, narratives, poems, and words. With all these muses, why is it that sometimes when writers sit down in front of a computer, or pick up a pen, nothing happens? The images of their stories coming to life play through their heads, but the nouns and verbs get stuck on the way out.

The answer is one I don’t have, and the question will most likely be an obstacle my entire life as a writer.

There will always be obstacles in life, but have no fear, because with obstacles comes solutions.

So, with a little creative thinking and some recycled ideas I thought of a way to solve any future writer’s block. Themed days will now be the focus of this blog, and today I present you with the first: MUSIC MONDAY!


It’s album release day for Taylor Swift, and in honor of this momentous occasion, here is the third single off her new album, “Red,” entitled, “I Knew You Were Trouble.”